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Peer-to-Peer Food Allergy Education Videos for Schools

Kids Talk: Food Allergy

K-3rd Grade

Teens Talk: Food Allergy

8th-12th Grade

Kids Talk: Food Allergy

4th-7th Grade

Goal: For all schools, teachers, and parents to utilize these grade-specific professional videos to educate all students about food allergies.

  • These videos will allow peers to better understand and support their food allergic classmates.
  • We would love schools to share these videos in their classrooms to help students understand food allergy and support their classmates.
  • Along with the videos, we have developed teacher guides and frequently asked questions to assist teachers in starting a discussion.
  • We also attempted to suggest some activities to go along with the common core curriculum.  We hope this is helpful for schools and students!

Methodology: We asked students (K-12th grade) with food allergy what they would like their classmates to know and understand about food allergies to better support them while they are at school. From there, we developed and tested scripts for three separate group of grades: K-3rd grade; 4th-7th grade; and 8th-12th grade. We then filmed the videos starring students with food allergies and their friends and family members. We have also created Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheets, Discussion Questions, and Teacher Guides for each video, so teachers will be able to use these videos during class.


If you are interested in ordering these free videos and resources for schools, please email [email protected] for more details!