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Words to live by:
“The wind won’t break a tree that bends.” African Proverb

Sarah Valaika

Early Childhood Educator

Sarah Valaika, MS has more than 25 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator and currently leads the “Development and Evaluation of Educational Food Allergy videos in Early Childhood” project for SOAAR.  When not working with the SOAAR Team, she serves as a consultant for the Collaboration for Early Childhood in Oak Park.  Sarah earned a MS in child development from the Erikson Institute in Chicago, has over 10 years of experience teaching in higher education settings, and a decade of experience preventing and managing life threatening food allergies for one of her four children.  She developed and led more than 45 food allergy teacher in-services and conference presentations as the founder of “Stay Away Itchy Foods” and brings this insight to her work with Dr. Gupta and the SOAAR Team.

Fun fact:
Sarah is the co-founder of the “Try it Our Way Triathalon” – a creative twist on the traditional tri-athalon: 5k run/walk, 30 min swim/float, 7 mile bike to bakery & 7 mile bike back for a pedicure!
Joliet, Illinois