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Avneet Chadha

Research Study Assistant

Avneet Chadha is a Research Assistant for team SOAAR. He recently graduated University of Michigan with a degree in Kinesiology and moved to Chicago. His current work focuses on furthering food allergy and asthma knowledge. One of his current projects is FORWARD, a studied designed to understand the racial differences for food allergies between Caucasian and African American children. He will assist with recruitment, project organization among other responsibilities. Another study that he is working on is the creation of early childhood food allergy videos for parents and teachers. He will assist in the creation of a survey to understand the current knowledge of parents and teachers understand of food allergy management across Illinois. He will then use the survey to develop videos addressing food allergy management. Avneet has recently joined team SOAAR and will aid our team’s goal of further understanding food allergies and asthma.

Fun fact:
Avneet loves to rock climb in his spare time!
San Jose, California